Monday, April 12, 2010

My Defibrillator Follow-Up Appointment

Today we went to another follow-up. We will go to another appointment in Atlanta in a month, and I think we will be doing this for six months.

We parked in the parking garage and went to the elevators. Note: Every time we came to an elevator, Malia shouted "I want to push the inside button!" (What a cute little girl!)

We rode up to the first floor and I got my bracelet (the one you have to wear when you are the patient in a hospital). I walked with my mother and sisters to another pair of elevators and went to the second floor.

We walked to a waiting room and my sister and I quarreled about the toys. There was a toy that had little circles that roll down a zig-zag track and Malia and I were racing the circles. It was basically like watching a horse race. Malia didn't understand how it was played and pulled her circle down the track. I was getting super duper frustrated so we had to sit on some of the chairs in the room for the rest of the time.

A doctor came in and brought me into a small room where I got an EKG (an EKG is when the doctor puts a few special stickers on your chest and hooks wires to them; this monitors your heart beat).

A couple of doctors came into the room and examined my scars. They said it looked like it had been a few weeks since I had gotten out of the hospital because I am healing so well. There was a controller for the defibrillator (it was wireless) that they used to speed up my heart for a while. It felt just like I had felt all the time before the surgery, except milder.

The doctors dismissed us, and we were soon out of the hospital and on our way home. My mom was feeling good about the appointment.

On the way home, we had a lot of fun laughing about a funny video a kid made; his mom sent us the link. Click on this to see the video. Warning: Malia thought it was gross in some parts, but I thought it was a riot!


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