Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cool at School

Malkolm had his second 1/2 day of school today, and is feeling pretty good -- not drained like I thought he might be. He will be taking the CRCT every day this week (for those of you who don't know, the CRCT is the Georgia standardized testing that all public school kids have to take). Malkolm has done pretty well on this test in the past. His first year taking it he didn't miss a question. Last year, I think he missed a question or two. (I think back to those tests we took growing up and I don't recall ever getting a score anything close to perfect -- not in any grade).

I'm not sure that he's 100% focused on this test stuff, after missing school for a while, but he's generally so happy most of the time, it's hard to tell. I ask him how his day was and I get a chipper, "Great!" I ask him how he thinks the test went and I get a chipper, "Great!" I ask him if he enjoyed his day, and I get a chipper, "Oh yes!" Ahhh, details son, Mom needs details!

He did say that there were a couple of questions on the test part today that he wasn't so sure of the answers. Tomorrow is math, probably his strongest subject.

I just gotta say, it's so nice to be sitting here thinking about how he's going to do on the test and being wrapped up in his school work (he's working on an economics project, he had to create a product, do a mini business plan, create an advertisement and write a short persuasive essay about why someone should buy his product). So different from three weeks ago ... four weeks ago .... wondering about the surgery and his recovery.

I'm totally digging it.

One thing is for sure, his personality is back to what it was before the surgery. Cracking corny jokes all the time and just being ... a cool kid. (Oh man, I love him.)

He is working on the economic project on the laptop right now, using Adobe InDesign to work on his product package design -- and he chatted me and then pasted what he saw into the chat window. His name for me on his end is: justplainoldbestmommainthewholewideworld!

Heh heh. A cool kid indeed.



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