Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter -- The Story of Jesus' Resurrection

I am feeling great as I get up this morning. I look down at my Easter basket and smile. I take it from my bedroom into the living room and wake up my sis. I am feeling no pain, and that's what it's been like for a couple days now. After getting ready and snacking on some of my Easter candy, we're off to church! (Boy, was it good to get out of the house!) Here is the summary of what we learned (or the story of Easter, which is what we learned).

Easter is not all about bunnies. It is not about egg hunts. It is not about getting treats and toys in baskets from a fluffy bunny. It is about Jesus' resurrection.

Crucifixion was a painful way to die back in Jesus' time. When Jesus was nailed on the cross, two nails were hammered through his hands. We saw a replica of the nails today at church, and they were about a foot long each. The soldiers mocked him as their "king" and pressed a crown of thorns into his head. This, of course was very painful and bloody. They put a purple robe on him, and then tore it off. All the bloody stuff stuck to it, and it practically tore off his skin. They thrust a spear through his side and punctured the lung. As you can see, crucifixion is very painful.

Before Jesus died, he said: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." After Jesus died, The sky got all black, thundery, and rumbly. You would be able to guess what this is, of course.

When Jesus was buried, he was put in a tomb. A bunch (more than just five or six) of soldiers rolled a boulder -- way taller than an average doorway -- in front of the entrance to the tomb. Then they patted a bunch of clay around the stone, in case Jesus was still alive. The clay hardened, sealing the tomb airtight. There were two guards that stood by the entrance day and night.

Three days later, there was an earthquake at the tomb. While everything was shaking, two angels came and pushed aside the boulder. The soldiers fainted, and the angels stood outside the tomb entrance. Then Mary -- Jesus' mom -- came with a friend, Mary Magdalene, to the tomb. When the angels saw them, They said something that was like this: "Jesus is gone. He has risen."
This is the story of Jesus' resurrection. For a more detailed version, (and probably more true with something similar to what I have here) look in the Bible.

Just as a closing for this post, I would like to thank you everyone for the gifts. Thank you for the egg sleeves- they are great! We used them last night, and they TOTALLY WORKED!!! The cool Star Wars transformer is really neat too! At first, I didn't realize what it was. Then I read the bottom of the box. I LOVE TRANSFORMERS!!!!! I practically collect them! I have been playing with it like crazy since I got it! Thank you! I think that the blanket is really soft! How did you know my favorite color(s) was all shades of blue!? It is just the right size for laying on the couch and watching movies. Thank you! The book -- Falling Up by Shel Silverstein -- is great! The moment I started reading, I was instantly hooked! I finished it that day, and now I have a perfect nighttime story book for my little sister! Thank you! Thank you everyone especially for all the kind and encouraging notes, e-mails, and comments! They really kept me going when I was feeling badly.

On another note, I do not know if I will get used to this whole blog thing. Staring at a blank screen is the hardest part when I start on posts. Once I start typing, it gets WAY easier. That is how it is when writing stories, too.


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