Monday, April 5, 2010

Mr. Malkolm

Two of my very favorite Malkolm stories. ...

2008 Feb 01
We recently went on a trip with Sia to Florida to drop a volleyball recruit off at the Orlando airport. On the way back we stopped at a place that had tons of oranges stacked up outside and it was basically a total touristy kind of gas station. When you walked in the door you saw a big fish tank that went from floor to ceiling, there were trinkets of all shapes and sizes, including dead baby sharks in formaldehyde-filled jars with Florida painted on the outside (nice).

Anyway, we all had to go potty, so the boys went to the boys' bathroom, and the girls went to the girls' bathroom. After we finished, we all came out, and I was surprised to hear Sia tell Malkolm to get some candy, because Sia always says no candy when Malkolm asks him (and Malkolm asks him every time we stop).

Apparently, as I found out later, Malkolm wanted something he saw in the bathroom -- but Sia told him no. Malkolm asked his daddy for $.75 for a "glow stick" he wanted to get from the bathroom dispenser for only THREE QUARTERS! (Malkolm was quickly redirected to the candy.)

2008 Feb 11
I have been selling DVDs on Ebay for a couple of months now. Over the course of this time, Malia, Malkolm and I have been to the post office on several occasions, dropping off or picking up packages. Every time, Malia asks if she can get one of those stuffed animals the Post Office always has sitting out. They are like beanie babies, and there are teddy bears, doggies ... a general assortment of kid-friendly stuffed animals. They range from about $6 to $12.

This particular trip, we were getting ready to go, and Malkolm said, "Wait Wait! I need to go get something!" I asked him what and he said it was a surprise, so I waited. He reappeared with a small plastic bag full of coins from his piggy bank. I asked him what it was for, and again he told me it was a surprise.

We got to the post office, and while I was waiting in line, Malkolm and Malia were over in the corner of the small post office lobby counting the money. When it was my turn we brought it up to the counter, and it turned out he had $3.79. He wanted to buy Malia one of the stuffed animals. I told him that wasn't enough, but that I would pay the difference because I was so proud of him for thinking of his sister.

He took her by the hand and went over to the stuffed animals and let her pick out one. He really wanted to get her the color-bear, but that one was $12. They chose a $6 Blues Clues dog named Magenta. After we paid and we were walking out the door, both my kids were beaming ear to ear. Malia, happy with her new toy, and Malkolm because it made him feel so good to do this for his sister.

When we got out to the car, he said, "Oh, mom! I just want to give her everything she wants. Look how happy she is! She is so happy! I just want to make Malia happy!" ... of course, on the inside, I'm melting at this point.

I laughed and told him that as happy as he is right now, for me to see him treating her so preciously gives me 1,000 times more happiness than what he is feeling. (he was impressed!) This presented the opportunity for us to talk about how we are all God's children and how much God loves us and we imagined how God must feel when we, his children, are treating each other preciously. ... it was a nice trip to the post office. One that will stay with me for a long time.



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