Saturday, April 3, 2010

Little 9-year-old, Big Understanding

Malkolm played chess, watched movies, created a movie night for his cousins and slept on the couch. Good day for him -- he only had two doses of ibuprofin today!

When we were in the hospital, when he was still in the ICU, the CEO of the three-hospital system came by to see Malkolm. They talked chess strategy and in our chess game later in the day, he implemented it and beat me (haven't heard the end of that yet). She sent him a book which he received today.

I thought it was pretty cool that she not only took the time to come see him and meet him, but also to talk with him, find out what book he was looking for and then send him that book. It is a Roald Dahl book called "Boy." I'm sure he will start reading it tomorrow -- we had company today so he was really going all day.

Right now, he's tanked out on the couch, laying on his side again!! On his SIDE! Gosh it's so great to see him doing so well.

His wounds appear to be healing well, and they are really starting to itch now, so that's good too. He's kind of stubborn when it comes to dealing with his 4-year-old sister, but that should iron out in time.

He's totally aware of it, and we talk about it first thing in the morning almost every morning so we can consciously try to treat her better. So far so good! I feel like I am a bit more grumpy and impatient, and Malkolm and I are sort of helping each other in that regard. He'll remind me when I start to fly off the handle with Malia too.... Like ... I was tucking him in on Wednesday night. Malia is sleeping in the top bunk now, because he can't climb up the ladder. I was headed out the door after telling them goodnight and he mouthed to me to give her a kiss! Of course, I sort of felt foolish -- why I wouldn't think to do that myself -- especially knowing that she is stuck in the middle and doesn't get the same kind of attention that the other two get ... so I climbed up and cuddled with her a bit and when I left the room Malkolm gave me a big thumbs up. Little 9-year-old with Big understanding.

I'm doling out more much-needed hugs these days to the younger two. Seems to be somewhat like therapy in a way.

I'm not really sleeping well, I keep having dreams about Malkolm's surgery and his wounds and I wake up several times during the night feeling like I need to go check on him. I hope this doesn't last for long, I don't like it very much; it's unsettling. When I'im awake I can check my thoughts and curb my thinking when it needs to be curbed, but my dreams aren't cooperating with that. It reminds me of my dreams when my babies were newborn --always dreaming about something bad happening and me not being able to stop it or help them. I don't like those kind of dreams much. Could live without them.

Well, speaking of dreams, I'm tanked too. Better grab some sleep while I can.

-Jennifer P.

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