Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fox and Friends

Driving around this morning, we were practically lost. We soon found our way after asking directions a couple of times. We followed a man through the building, and admired several architectural designs on the way. We walked into the news studio and sat down on two seats. We were in front of a camera that was remote-controlled by a studio in New York. The right wall were shelves from the floor to the ceiling full with video tapes. There was a city background behind us. The left wall had two computer screens and the keyboard was filled with weird options (it was for editing video).

The nice man who had led us through the building set us up with earphones and microphones. We could hear the news people talking in our earphones. After Mr. David asked us a bunch of questions, we were out the door. I was nervous before we started, but after we started talking I wasn't nervous anymore.

It was a cool experience!


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