Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What a Day!

The date is March 23. Tomorrow, I will have my surgery at 7 am. This morning, I had to wake up at 3 am! We were soon out the door, and on our way to Atlanta! My sister and I fell asleep within minutes. I was not surprised, because I had been working on my novel -- The Pencil Boy -- till midnight.

I woke up and went back to sleep several times. I woke up fully at about eight o'clock. After driving around for about forty minutes, we found the hospital. I was led to a room, and they took my blood pressure and I started to wait. A few doctors came in and out, giving info or papers to sign.

After about three doctors, a woman came in with a large colorful TV on wheels. It was a small screen, and at the bottom of the TV, There was what looked like a drawer that said Nintendo. After the lady left to get some VHS tapes for us to watch, I hopped off my "hospital bed" and opened the drawer. It had a VCR in it, and also had a Nintendo 64, one of those non-portable old Nintendos.

We put in Super Mario Bros. , and I was a little surprised how good the graphics were. I had expected them to be a bunch worse. It was an old Nintendo, and my mom or dad had told me how basic the graphics had been when he/she had played it.

Malia, my little sister, didn't agree with it because it wasn't a "two-player" game. She persuaded to me to pick a game called "Power Puff Girls." I actually ended up liking the game, and we played it for a long time. My dad had also played with me. He played the Power Puff Girls one and one that was football. He was an all-time champion on that one. My mom had told me that he had done it a bunch before in college or something.

As we played some of the games, we had to pause every now and then when a doctor came in. After the doctors stopped coming, I went to get my blood tested for germs (Ouch!) and got an X-ray. Then we headed to our hotel and took all of our luggage to our room. We settled in, and then here I am, typing my blog.

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  1. Malkolm, we are praying for a speedy recovery for you. Lots of positive thoughts, prayers and love being sent your way! The Jenkins Family