Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arriving home!

Hello, everyone! I just got back from the hospital! My mom set me up with the laptop on the couch, and I started to type.

Back at the hospital, my feet ached when I started to walk, because I had been lying in bed for so long. My dad taught me a trick to relieve the pain. He said to rotate my foot while "pointing" with my big toe. It totally worked! :D

There are a bunch of small bandage strips down my chest on the place where they cut into my chest, and a few on my upper-left chest, where they put the defibrillator in. There are two small holes below the strips in the middle of my chest, where two drainage tubes were. It really hurt when then they pulled them out, and the holes that were there looked pretty ugly.

I had all my IVs and band-aids removed before we left the hospital. One of the IVs had to be replaced when I was awake last night, and they had to do three attempts to put in the IV. It was very painful.

When we took my first shower before we left the hospital today, I was afraid the soap and water would sting on my chest where the strips were, but it ended up being pretty comfortable. I loved the warm water on my skin.

I would like to thank my cousins in Long Beach, California for selling plates of food to raise money for my surgery. They had the fundraiser yesterday. THANK YOU!!

I can't wait to get started on signing all those stories that sold while I was in surgery! Thank you for all those who have cared about me and bought stories, and thank you for all the nice compliments about my writing. It makes me feel wonderful!

I have a few aches every now and then, but I don't mind much. It was a big relief to get out of the hospital!



  1. Welcome home Malkolm, so proud of you! I loved your story too!

    GoldieAZ from eBay

  2. Welcome Home Malkolm! Get lots of rest!

  3. Welcome home Malkolm, you're a real trooper. Wishing you the fastest and best recovery ever.

  4. Hey Little Hero. Welcome Home!

  5. Malkolm, you are the man already posting so soon after surgery! We were very happy and relieved to hear how well everything went.

    Take your time signing all those stories--we understand the delay. If ever there was a good excuse, I'd say you have one.

    Big hugs to you--well, not the real kind that might hurt your chest. Do you have a heart pillow you hug to cough or sneeze? Max's got him through his recovery. Funny though--I thought he might want to save it as a little memento of his experience. I thought wrong. He happily threw it in the trash and moved on.