Sunday, March 14, 2010

Luna Rates High Among Readers

A very eventful day ... Many people have purchased Malkolm's story and so far the reviews are excellent!

Some Comments We Have Received About Malkolm's Story "Luna"

"Jennifer, did you help him write this? Tell the truth now, did you?"

"How old is he again? Only 9?!!"

"... he shows a great deal of talent, not just grammar wise, but concept, continuity, etc. of a writer well beyond 9-years-old. "

"... thank you and tell Malkolm I love his story."

"... his story is incredible! It is so advanced for his age. He has a great future as a writer. Truly!"

"Absolutely fantastic inspiring story by a literary genius A+++++"

And, this is a new video -- made my one of my ebay friends ... had to grab a box of tissues, you might do the same.

We are now officially counting down, 10 more days as of midnight!!!

Much Love,




  1. LOVE those photos! What a gorgeous child. And, that's my favorite song too! :)

  2. Thanks Lisa -- I think he is but I know I'm totally biased ... and yes, awesome song!!


  3. Jennifer, he is gorgeous--no bias there.

    Your friend did an incredible job on that video. Yep, made me cry. I LOVE when we sing that song at church.